About Us

TR3 Performance was founded by Arthur, Oliver, and Gregory Romanelli in August 2012. Frustrated with the rising costs and plummeting quality from local shops, the brothers saw an opportunity to establish a shop of their own that would live up to their high standard of excellence, where they could hold themselves to the caliber of workmanship they had sought out in the marketplace as enthusiasts. In 2015, TR3 Racing was established as the team stepped into racing at the professional level. What started out as a modest 2,300-sq.ft. enterprise has now exploded into the premier performance shop in South Florida.


This full-service South Florida facility boasts 14,000 square feet of pure performance excellence, designed to handle in-house aftermarket upgrades, installs, and tuning. Other shops might need to outsource, but not TR3. This is your one-stop shop for high-end aftermarket modifications and eye-catching aesthetics.